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    Love the Feast? Wouldn't it be good to watch any day and any time you want?
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WelcomeThe Feast Video!

The Feast Video is the Feast in your very own place. It may be your house, your office and your school even. Through The Feast Video, big or small groups of people gather as they watch and listen to God's Word from a series of talks recorded before a live audience at The Feast. The Feast Video is one way of sharing God's Word and bringing the Feast all over the world!

Bo Sanchez welcomes you to The Feast Video - Blessings in a single click! Onwards to 1000 Feasts!

The Feast Anytime, Anywhere!

Do you love the Feast?

Watch and listen to God's Word at The Feast again and again, any time of the day. Share The Feast experience with your family and friends right in your own home, office, clubhouse or school! Allow others to be strengthened and renewed with God's message at The Feast through the Feast Video.

Meet the Feast Emissaries!

The Feast Emissaries are at the forefront of spreading God's Word through the Feast Video!

Have a Feast Video in your house, your office, or even your school! It doesn't matter how big or how small the group of people you have gathered are. What matters is that you have gathered people to pray, watch and listen to God's Word through a Feast Video.

The video you will show in your own Feast Video prayer gathering comes from the series of talks recorded before a live audience at The Feast. Watch and listen to the Word of God together with your family, friends, co-workers, or classmates.

The Feast Video shares God's Word and brings the Feast to the ends of the earth!

Start your very own Feast Video now!